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More Than You Want To Know About Me
April 9, 2010, 7:34 pm
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Millions of people are dealing with various forms of depression all the time.  Mine seems to severely ebb and flow.  I don’t know if that’s bi-polar, but it’s certainly something that I need to keep tabs on.

At this point, I’m only being treated for anxiety.  At some other point, I will need to be treated for this haze of depressed thoughts.  I am trying to figure out what the best approach for me is right now.  I’m not keen on either the cognitive or the medicated approach, but I don’t close the door on those approaches, either.

So bare with me, and feel free to ignore what I’m yakking about.


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Best to you, AG!

Comment by Steplor

Yikes. Depression and anxiety is a very tricky thing. Sending good thoughts that you find a useful remedy.

Comment by Libby

no therapists within 100 miles, so I opted for drugs. But both would be nice.

thinking of you.

Comment by Ali

AG, sounds like chronic depression (bipolar is more roller coaster ups/downs). I fought it for years-tried drugs, talk therapy (hated both). I wish you luck in finding treatment (s) that work for you.

Comment by Buckeye ...

I feel as if I know you from lurking at Eschaton. Sorry for your pain. I love your humor and hate to see you so muted. Therapy AND medication are ideal, but I have gone the route of either one alone at different times and each can help. The SSRI’s can do wonders with very few side effects. It’s also OK to realize that you may not want to treat it. You may choose to experience the pain and ,possibly, learn from it. If, however, it is affecting your ability to function (not just making you feel bad) then you probably need some help dealing with it.
Thanks for sharing your heart and the photos of your dear baby,

Comment by cshack

Hang tough AG, lots of good people pulling for you!

Comment by FeralLiberal

Hey you,

Drop me an e-mail if you want to talk. I know whereof you speak.

Thinking of you.


Comment by Athenae

Good luck, Andy G. I know how rough that can be. I hope you feel better. Sincerely.

Comment by Duane V

You are totally right on this one

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Comment by web

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