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Happy T-Day
November 26, 2009, 2:08 pm
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From me and Eloise:


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Andy, she’s so dear! Even more to be thankful for.

Comment by plantsman

Where’s Mom?

Comment by Jeffraham Prestonian

Good grief, she is the spitting image of you, only much prettier. 😉

Comment by ql

She’s kinda camera-shy, JP.

Comment by AndyMN

Aw jeez! I really am getting to be a doddering old woman.

That shot of you holding your daughter brought tears.

Many blessings on your family and may you all have much to celebrate on Thanksgiving Days to come.

Comment by Diane C.

Love the Emma Goldman duds! Holy Mother, that little girl has lovely eyes.

Comment by Hecate Demetersdatter

Aw. Thanks for the pix. You have much to be thankful for this year. Peace.

Comment by Libby

The top left one totally wins. The “lady in red” on the right makes her seem much older. Those loooong legs.

All in all, way too adorable.

Comment by virgotex

I’m glad my DSL finally came back up,* so I could see the high-res .jpg’s. What a beauty she is!

Glad to see your car is still drivable (I seem to recall you posting that, at lease). Don’t know what kind of “counter-measure” you may have where you live, if any. Growing up on a corner lot near a kinda busy intersection, my parents had to tell visitors not to park right in front of our house, since drunks sometimes had trouble negotiating the right turn onto our street. We even saw tread marks almost right up to the front of the house once or twice. Planting a couple of fast-growing trees out front alleviated the worry quite a bit, but cars parked at the curb were still at the mercy of shit-faced drivers.

(*thanks fer finally getting around to that in yer sweet, sweet time, Verizon bastids! )

Blog lurker (mostly) Sharl,
Twitter lurker (mostly) Steplor

Comment by Sharl

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