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November 14, 2009, 11:20 am
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All things considered, things have been going pretty well at home.  Em is exhausted beyond belief, but it is doing an incredible job of new-mothering.  I’m very proud of her.

Eloise (I’ve taken to calling her ‘Weezy’), is being a fairly-typical five day old: fidgety, hungry, and weepy.    She’s got some elevated jaundice numbers that we have to mind pretty closely, but not high enough to warrant any light therapy or anything.  We’ll be bringing her into the doctor shortly to double check.

And here’s a few more pics from the past day or two:


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Not sure how she’ll like that Weezy thing in the long run…but very cute for now!

Comment by Bonnie

hope weezy’s bili numbers stay low. she’s a beauty. we’re thinking of you guys.

Comment by ericka

Awww! She’s a little peanut butter cup!

That picture on the far right? Definitely pull that one out when she brings her prom date home to meet you!

Comment by res ipsa loquitur

A beautiful baby? Em and you done good.

That head of hair is impressive (and no, unlike other atriots, I’m not going to crack on dad’s bald pate).

Comment by Sharl

A beautiful baby! {sheesh}
Don’t know how I managed to type in in a ‘?’ at the end of that first sentence. There is no question about Eloise’s cuteness.

Comment by Sharl

Oh, Sharl…I’m (pretty much) over being bald. Crack away. : )

Comment by AndyMN

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