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Day 2
November 10, 2009, 9:18 pm
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I’m not adamant on turning this into a baby-only blog.  And while I love my new daughter, and she’s going to be a healthy obsession of mine for the time-being.

That being what it is, I would like to echo what NTodd said.  The abortion is icky/scary vagina crowd showed themselves on Saturday.  This is far from a done deal, and it is up to all of us that it never is.

And now, more Eloise:

We certainly love her so.


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BABYBLOGGING?! Aren’t there Mommy Blogs where you can peddle this crap? I don’t want to read about how cute your damned baby is.

Comment by NTodd

This is the bestest ever LITTLE GURL WHO EVER WAS.
I am utterly entranced by her. Vivian. Of course.

Comment by GWPDA

NTodd — STFU and do something useful for a change.

She’s a doll, Andy! And you are required by law to obsess on her.

Comment by Virginia

Oh my, so peaceful.


Wow, the hair!!

Comment by ms fahrenheit

Beautiful, beautiful. Nothing more to say.

Comment by ql

What a lovely little girl! All that hair!

Comment by Hecate Demetersdatter

Congratulations! She’s very cute!

Comment by Culture of Truth

Did you and Em ever think you could become so smitten by something so small that was all yours and only yours? Isn’t it the best feeling ever?!!!

She’s a lucky little girl.

Comment by pie

wow…Wow…WOW, Andy! Congratulations! And welcome to the world, little girl!

(I wish I could sleep like that!)


Comment by res ipsa loquitur

More baby pix! We wants ’em!

Comment by res ipsa loquitur

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