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I Almost Forgot…
June 30, 2009, 7:55 pm
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So, it (finally) looks like we’ve got a second Senator here.  Congratulations to Sen.-Elect Franken.  Good riddance to WATB Norm Coleman.  While I won’t put anything past this political epitome of a bottom feeder, I sincerely hope that he’s seen the light and stays away from Minnesota politics for the rest of his days.

I’m sure that I mentioned it at my old blog (and in my old blogging personae), but I was never a big Franken fan.  I’m not huge on celebrity candidates, and thought he ran a shitty campaign (testament to how terrible Coleman’s campaign was, BTW).  I was prepared for him to lose and to watch ol’ Norm get his ass handed to him on a regular basis.  So, I think “pleasantly surprised” best describes his dinky lead after phase 1 of the recount was over.

I also thought that Coleman couldn’t have picked worse lawyers.  His rationale for continuing seemingly changed by the day.  But nobody said that stupid people aren’t entitled to due process, and to that end, Secretary of State Mark Ritchie really needs to be commended.  This, how ever long, is how the process is suppose to play out.

Now with the election certificate signed by the governor and SoS, it’s all over but the swearing in.  My past mushiness towards Franken is moot, and I recognize that it’s time to start pushing and working with him on things like health care, EFCA, jobs, and demilitarization.

And a great big thank you to organizations like MinnPost, The Uptake, and all of the individual bloggers out there for their great work during this process.  Don’t go away!


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I wonder how he paid for all of the lawyering. Campaign funds?

Comment by Willendorf Venus

Norm? The FEC said he could use campaign funds to pay for his legal fees. The RNC and various fundraisers helped him out, too.

Of course, he’s still got an on-going FBI investigation and owes Franken almost 100k in legal fees, so he’s gotta (somehow) step it up here. Franken’s still sending out contribution pleas to help pay for his lawyers.

Comment by AndyMN

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