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Dear SPFD,
December 19, 2008, 11:22 am
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Stay fucking classy and racist:

The discovery of a stuffed monkey hanging from a noose in a St. Paul Fire Department equipment-services garage has rekindled concerns about racism and a “culture of exclusion” within the department.

It also is inspiring hope for change, however.

Black firefighters met Thursday to air their concerns, and Fire Chief Tim Butler said he expects to discipline two employees for workplace misconduct in connection with the incident, which occurred in August. Upon seeing the monkey, he said Thursday, his reaction was: “That’s a violent act. That’s a violent symbol. It doesn’t belong in our fire station.”

But an outside investigator who reviewed the matter has told the chief that she did not find the act to be racially motivated. While acknowledging Thursday that he was surprised by the finding, Butler did not say he disagreed with it, a reaction that disappointed St. Paul NAACP president Nathaniel Khaliq, a retired firefighter.

“He’s really sounding like a politician,” he said. “He’s apparently not going to call it what it is.”

There’s no reason why somebody, with reasonable intelligence, couldn’t associate nooses and monkeys with something that, maybe, might be a little….


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Hanging any animal in this fashion – regardless of its racial overtones – should be grounds for dismissal and a misdemeanor indictment. It’s racial message should result in felony charges as well as dismissal for its perpetrators and a resignation by the fire chief on grounds of misfeasance.

Comment by montanaheadcold

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